With the University receiving significant Cancer Research UK funding and housing one of the charity’s core Drug Discovery Units the relationship between the University of Manchester and Cancer Research Technology is multifaceted.


The University began working with Ximbio in Sept 2015 when it immediately made a number of monoclonals from the lab of Prof. Martin Humphreys available on the platform. An exciting development was the subsequent deposit of a monoclonal antibody cell line from the lab of Prof. Paul Brenchley against Phospholipase A2 receptor 1 (PLA2R), a protein target shown to be the major auto-antigen in the autoimmune kidney disease, membranous nephropathy. The combination of a well validated antibody and a target increasing rapidly in publications year-on-year resulted in significant interest from an array of global resellers. To date Ximbio have made this antibody available via licence and sold numerous milligrams of purified antibody produced by our lab returning healthy revenues back to the University.

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