For over 25 years Cancer Research Technology (CRT) have pioneered translation of oncology focused research into commercial propositions to bring about patient benefit. During this time CRT has continually supported the commercialisation of research tools that were created using Cancer Research UK funding, making them widely available to researchers around the globe and generating a revenue stream shared between scientists, institutes and the charity.

Off the back of this success we have moved beyond just the cancer arena and into the wider life-sciences space. Through our pioneering e-marketplace, Ximbio, we provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ where researchers can go to source high quality reagents and connect with inventors. We believe that by making reagents of all types more widely and easily accessible the rate at which scientific discoveries are made will accelerate.

During the last two years we have diversified into many different research areas, but one that you probably won’t be expecting is the field of Aquaculture, also known as fish farming.

By the year 2030 Aquaculture is predicted to grow to provide close to two thirds of global fish consumption; a market expected to exceed USD 202.96 billion. As the sector develops, it must consider how to continually improve its sustainability. Providing new solutions for health and disease management will be key. Currently there exists huge interest in the study of cellular immune markers and disease challenge models for fish. Consequently there is a need for high quality reagents that will enable the development of assays to monitor infectious disease and vaccine performance.

Check out Ximbio’s latest Aquaculture antibodies developed by Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd



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