We're pleased to show you our latest Ximbio product update. This month’s update highlights the growing profile of Ximbio, since its conception 14 months ago, as we offer newly developed antibodies from eight Universities in the UK and one in Singapore.

Ximbio is pleased to introduce fifteen new antibodies available for licence as hybridomas or purchase as purified antibodies.
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Technical datasheets for Ximbio’s expanding research tool portfolio can be accessed at www.ximbio.com


Anti-PASD1 [2ALCC128]
Anti-PASD1 [2ALCC136]
Applications: IHC IF WB
Reactivity: Human
PMIDs: 26492414, 26327782, 25936801, 23882161, 20851862

Cancer testis antigens (CTAs) such as PASD1 represent attractive immunotherapy targets, having normal tissue expression that is testis restricted and commonly widespread expression in tumours. PASD1 may also contribute to oncogenic transformation through the suppression of circadian rhythms.

Monoclonal 2ALCC128 is specific for PASD1b whereas 2ALCC136 recognises both PASD1a and b.



Anti-CD13 [22A5]
Applications: FACS IHC IP
Reactivity: Human
PMIDs: 7549844, 7915741, 1967220, 4053038

Aminopeptidase N (CD13) is a cell-surface metalloprotease involved in the metabolism of regulatory peptides. 22A5 may be useful for the diagnosis and immunophenotyping of leukaemia.



Anti-c-Met [8]
Anti-c-Met [17]
Anti-c-Met [13]
Applications: FACS IF IP WB
Reactivity: Human
PMID: 23859937

c-Met is a tyrosine receptor kinase which is activated by its ligand, the hepatocyte growth factor. Activation of c-Met leads to a wide spectrum of biological activities such as motility, angiogenesis, morphogenesis, cell survival and cell regeneration. c-Met is abnormally activated in many tumour types. Aberrant c-Met activation was found to induce tumour development, tumour cell migration and invasion, and the worst and final step in cancer progression, metastasis.



Anti-CD90 [T11D7e]
Applications: FACS Fn
Reactivity: Mouse Rat
PMIDs: 8764655, 2098631, 1690363, 3049801, 393521

CD90 (Thy1.1) is a monomorphic determinant in rat but polymorphic in mice. Anti-CD90 [T11D7e] reacts with Thy1.1 mice e.g. AKR and FVB mice, but not Thy1.2 mice such as CBA and BALB/c. Clone T11D7e is useful for removal of T lymphocytes from cell populations by complement mediated cytotoxicity. CD90 is a mesenchymal cell marker.



Anti-V(beta)3 T cell receptor (TcR) [JOVI.3]
Applications: FACS IHC IP Fn
Reactivity: Human
PMIDs: 25207820, 10559266, 9547330, 1284120

The T Cell Receptor is expressed on all mature T cells.  JOVI.3 can be used for studies of T-cell mediated diseases, including autoimmunity and allergy. The antibody recognises any human T cell receptor that has the vß3 region.


Anti-EBV Latent Membrane Protein 1 [LMPO24]
Applications: FACS IHC
Reactivity: Virus
PMID: 7605996

EBV is a human herpesvirus that establishes a life-long persistence in the host. The virus infects the vast majority of the world's adult population and is well known for its association with a broad spectrum of benign and malignant diseases, including infectious mononucleosis, Burkitt's lymphoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and is causally associated with lymphoid and epithelial malignancies, including post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders, Hodgkin's disease, anaplastic nasopharyngeal carcinoma and gastric carcinomas.


Anti-G6b-B, Polyclonals [N24]
Anti-G6b-B, Polyclonals [N18]
Applications: IP WB
Reactivity: Human
PMIDs: 23112346, 17186946

G6b is an uncharacterized gene located in the class III region of the MHC that encodes a putative cell surface receptor of the Ig superfamily. Its predicted gene product was found to contain a potential signal peptide, a variable type Ig domain, and a transmembrane segment. It has been suggested G6b-B may be a regulator of megakaryocyte activation and function and platelet production.

 University_of_Birmingham.jpg Anti-Myosin light chains [A12]
Applications: WB
Reactivity: Human

Myosin molecules contains both heavy and light chains. There are two types of light chains present in one myosin molecule a regulatory light chain and an essential light chain.

Anti-N6-methyladenosine (m6A) [17-3-4-1]
Applications: IP DB
Reactivity: Human Mouse Saccharomyces cerevisiae

N6-Methyladenosine (m6A) is an abundant modification found in mRNA, tRNA, snRNA, as well as long non-coding RNA, in all species.


Anti-SV40ST [pab 280]
Applications: IF IHC IP WB
Reactivity: Virus
PMIDs: 20648615, 2542620, 6088798

SV40 is a simian oncogenic polyoma virus.


icon-01_Antibodies.jpg Anti-Claudin 16 [4C10]
Applications: IF
Reactivity: Human

Claudin-16 (CLD16) is component of the tight junction in kidney. It is exclusively expressed in the thick ascending of limb of Henle (TALH). This is involved in the parcellular transport of Mg2+ in the TALH. Mutations in claudin-16 have been implicated in the loss of Mg in the urine. Claudin16 antibody is raised using the extracellular loop 1 as an antigen.

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