Goulash, hot leads and astronomical inspiration…Ximbio in Europe

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ASTP-Proton conference June 2017 Budapest


To develop new and strengthen existing relationships with research institutes across Europe Ximbio attended the annual ASTP-Proton conference held in Budapest. ASTP-Proton is the leading pan-European association for professionals involved in technology transfer between academia and industry. Ximbio's founder, Melanie Hardman, gave a presentation and there was a good flow of delegates visiting the Ximbio stand.  Networking opportunities with over 200 delegates included sharing bowls of traditional Hungarian fare - goulash. 


After initial introductions began at the ASTP-Proton conference last year, we’re delighted that an institute in Scandinavia has just signed an agreement to use Ximbio to commercialise its research tools. From this years' meeting there are promising signs of interest from a range of institutes including examples based in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. 


Topics of talks included entrepreneurship, pitching to venture capitalists who are trained to say 'no' as quickly as they can and the importance of the quality of the team over other aspects of a business.  A presentation of particular note was by Wen Hwa Lee, Director of the Structural Genomics Consortium www.thesgc.org giving examples of the success of the non-patent pact and open access to drug compounds for faster target validation.  André Kuipers the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name gave the final talk. Speaking on innovation, inspiration and the power of collaboration he wowed us with photos he took of the earth while in orbit like holiday snaps.



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