With the recent opening of Ximbio’s North American office in Kendall Square, Boston, MA the subsequent trip to AUTM’s (Association of University Technology Managers) annual meeting, 12th – 15th March, was perfectly timed to further expand the organisations which Ximbio partners with.

Andrea & Bob (US office) and James travelled to sunny Miami, Florida to engage with the global technology transfer office (TTO) and commercial audience, of over 1500, attending. As always we worked hard to spread the word of Ximbio; the world’s largest non-profit tech transfer organisation dedicated exclusively to life science research reagents.

The booth was a hive of activity for the two days of the exhibition and to our delight more and more people appeared to be talking about the Ximbio story. We spoke to many familiar faces we already work closely with and tried our best not to bedistracted by the spectacular setting of the Diplomat Hotel, located a mere 25 meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

Thankfully, after a 7 am start at the booth, Monday’s evening reception was a welcome chance to wind down (slightly) while networking and a particular delight for me was the ‘Monk in a Trunk’ beer on offer.

Extensive use of AUTM Connect, which facilitates 1:1 meetings, kept us all busy and ensured that the number of our business cards carried home was sparingly few. Going to events like AUTM provide the invaluable opportunity to interact and explain Ximbio’s unique attributes in the research tool market as well as connecting with the companies who commercialise our portfolio. In total the team had over 40 direct meetings with both TTOs and potential or existing licensees alike.

However, almost as soon as it began Wednesday came and everyone began to travel home. From the feedback received and the significant amount of follow up work required, it seems clear to me that Ximbio’s mission to be the global leader for all research tools is quickly marching forward.

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